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Who We are

Welcome to Prodigy Central School Jaynagar

Prodigy Central School Jaynagar was established in 2020 under the aegis of Jaynagar, the school initially started with humble beginnings and a modest infrastructure.


Our school adheres to following principles :

The school offers a wide variety of sports and cultural activities. The vast expanse of green land in campus is congenial to sports activities. These activities prepare them to face the challenge of life to develop confidence and reliability. With dedicated and loving staff of our team, your children are also sure to find a home away home in our premises.
  •  To create & preserve excellence.
  •  To initiate the innovation in education in collaboration with regulatory bodies like CBSE, NCERT, UP Government & Central Government.
  •  To nurture our wards into academically sound, culturally well rounded and socially conscious citizens with multifaceted skills.
  •  To prove an ideal fertile ground to nourish student’s intellect and personality.